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  • 04/16/09--11:44: TeamViewer
  • TeamViewer lets you establish a connection to any PC or server within just a few seconds. You can remote control the PC of your partner as if you were sitting right in front of it. New features such as VoIP, webcam and application selection will give you an even better, easier and faster desktop sharing experience. Portable Version:

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  • 08/14/09--17:38: Bomgar
  • Get secure remote desktop control of every computer in your organization – Enterprise Remote Support. Greater security over remote access software: PC, Mac, Linux, Enterprise and SMB support - Bomgar

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  • 12/09/09--04:04: Yuuguu
  • Instant screen sharing, web conferencing, remote support, desktop remote control and messaging. No downloads for particpants!

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  • 03/30/11--07:16: Simplehelp
  • Web based remote support software for a one time purchase with no subscription. Support your customers as well as the leading brand but for a fraction of the cost. Your customers join a central queue simply by visiting your website with the SimpleHelp client integrated as just one line of HTML. Your technicians then pick who they connect to and how many sessions they join. Technicians can see the remote desktop, control the mouse and keyboard, text-chat with the customer and transfer files back and forth in the background (including resumed file transfers). Available for virtually all operating systems for both customer and technician.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: ISL Light
  • ISL Light is a simple, secure, and also affordable remote desktop support solution. It enables an operator to connect to a remote clients computer anywhere in the world in less than 30 seconds. Solve your clients issues promptly. The fact that operators are able to view and control remote clients desktop, transfer files, use whiteboard, and lead a videoconference throughout the session is invaluable.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: ISL Online
  • ISL Online is a software product suite for professional internet communication developed by the European R&D company XLAB. ISL Online products allow users to deliver quick remote support to the clients, access the home and office PC from anywhere, reach the website visitors via Live Chat, and invite partners, clients or colleagues to online meetings. Over 4 million ISL Online sessions yearly are made by 150000 registered users from over 150 countries.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: pcAnywhere
  • The Symantec pcAnywhere Host and Remote Standard License software enables one computer to remotely control and access another computer, establishing a one-to-one connection. Both host and remote components can be installed together on the same computer or separately on different computers.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: ISL AlwaysOn
  • ISL AlwaysOn provides a simple and secure remote access to an unattended computer over the Internet. Implementation is quick and easy. Once installed, you can securely access the remote computer by means of just 1 click and a password. Access your office PC. Avoid traffic peaks. Go on a business trip carefree. Your files are just a click away. Service your clients PCs whenever needed.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: TightVNC
  • TightVNC is a free remote control software package. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine and control it with your local mouse and keyboard, just like you would do it sitting in the front of that computer. TightVNC is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: NTRSupport
  • NTRsupport Ultimate is an On-demand Remote Support for Multi-agent teams that allows you to offer remote support to all Windows & Linux-based PCs, Macs & smartphones

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  • 09/21/11--11:21: ScreenConnect
  • Use ScreenConnect Remote Support Software to quickly and securely access remote users' screens. With just a few clicks, anyone on any operating system is immediately connected. ScreenConnect is perfect for: * IT Consultants * Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) * Geo-Dispersed Help Desks * University Resident Support One-Time Purchase: Buy software to use forever, without paying forever.

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  • 10/21/11--06:42: Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Remote support in Chrome. Chrome Remote Desktop is the first installment on a capability allowing users to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser or a Chromebook. The goal of this beta release is to demonstrate the core Chrome Remoting technology and get feedback from users. This version enables users to share with or get access to another computer by providing a one-time authentication code. Access is given only to the specific person the user identifies for one time only, and the sharing session is fully secured. One potential use of this version is the remote IT helpdesk case. The helpdesk can use the Chrome Remote Desktop to help another user, while conversely a user can receive help by setting up a sharing session without leaving their desk. Additional use cases such as being able to access your own computer remotely are coming soon. Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform, so you can connect any two computers that have a Chrome browser, including Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks.

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  • 06/21/13--00:15: ChunkVNC
  • ChunkVNC is an open source wrapper that allows you to control computers to provide remote support and assistance over a high speed internet connection. The project is released under a GNU License. You're free to use ChunkVNC for both commercial and personal use. I only ask that you link back to this site or donate to help the project in some way. The project has been designed from the ground up to be a simple and easy way to control multiple computer systems without any network configuration on the customer side. The primary goal is to give computer technicians the tools they need to support their customers. ChunkVNC consists of three parts, InstantSupport, Repeater and Viewer. InstantSupport is a customizable single click AutoIt script that is compiled into a single executable. When InstantSupport is launched it will extract the UltraVNC server to a temporary directory, generate a random ID and securely connect to the repeater. InstantSupport also shows the customer a friendly interface with a large ID number to relieve confusion. The InstantSupport tray icon gives you the "Install Service" option which will permanently install the server onto the customers computer. This also gives you the ability to control UAC in Vista/7 and reboot the customers computer. Repeater is the software that both InstantSupport and the viewer connect to. Preferably the repeater will be running constantly in a fixed location. Viewer is the part of UltraVNC that will connect to the repeater so you can control the remote computer. The ability to transfer files and blank the clients screen are just some of the many features of the viewer. Currently supported operating systems include Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Mac OSX (beta).

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  • 09/28/14--17:40: Xrdp
  • An open source remote desktop protocol(rdp) server

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  • 01/13/15--01:35: thinlinc
  • ThinLinc - a remote desktop server from Cendio

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  • 06/03/11--02:04: ISL Groop
  • Use ISL Groop to meet, demonstrate and train online with anyone in real time. As a host, arrange a new online meeting, invite participants via email, and create static and live content. All that other attendees need to do is open your invitation and click a link to join the meeting. Together with the integrated VoIP and video communication such meetings can be compared to a real face-to-face interaction.

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  • 06/04/14--19:19: AnyDesk
  • AnyDesk is the world's most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service.

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  • 05/03/16--22:56: RemoteView
  • RemoteView is a service that lets you remotely access your computers and mobile devices through your internet connection, regardless of time and place. You can easily control your computers and mobile devices in real-time in a quick and secure way. You can use our iOS or Android apps to control and manage your computers. All you need to do is install the agent on your remote computers, Android devices, and servers. Powerful network security RemoteView uses standard 256-bit encryption with 2-step login and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) communication. RemoteView is safe from information theft. Flawless in any environment RemoteView works with all browsers, not just Internet Explorer, but with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Control in any type of network environment, support for floating IP, HDCP, private IP, and firewall servers. Fast and smooth control When you connect a local computer and a remote computer, RemoteView makes an automatic connection appropriate to the situation, using either a P2P or gateway method. During sessions, RemoteView uses VRVD and graphic control modes to provide better performance and functions as well as a stable connection.

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  • 08/04/16--10:09: DWService
  • DWService - Remote Access, Remote Support, Service Desk, offers a service that allows access to remote systems using a standard web browser.

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  • 01/11/17--14:04: InstaTech Client
  • (The InstaTech Client doesn't require you to set up a server. You can download and use it as is, which will utilize the server. Setting up a server is only necessary for businesses wanting to use the live chat support feature.) InstaTech gives you the tools to provide instant tech support with ease and efficiency. It bundles live chat with a remote control app, enabling effective communication with your customers and quick access to the problem computer. The remote control application requires no complicated setup or port forwarding on the customer's end, and it effortlessly connects through firewalls and NATs. The technician controls the remote computer from a web page on InstaTech's website.

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